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Hello Friends

This is Travis B. Armatige; 

I welcome you to this site. This site is devoted to those persons who desire a DRAMATIC INCREASE in wealth by Internet Marketing  using NOT your own products but other peoples products - AFFILIATE marketing.  I have researched the huge number of products of this kind and have chosen the very best. A site for which you will thank me if you act upon your dreams starting NOW!!!  

I will leave your selection up to the various products of which I have included a portion of their dialogue.


Yours sincerely



Work From Home 3000

How Can You Harness The Immediate,

Cash-Sucking Power Of The Internet.

And Earn $3000.00 A Month Or More

on Auto-Pilot

Vacuum Cash From The 'Net

Pump It Into Your Account

Plan Your Next Vacation


Just Imagine An Extra $3,000 In Your Account Every Month...

Money That Arrives In Your Account Whether You're
Sleeping, Working Or Watching TV...

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Discover how you can literally make your electricity meter spin backward while saving the planet....

"My Nature4Electricity step-by-step fully illustrated manual is going to teach you everything you need to know about generating electricity from your very own backyard with a $200 budget!"


Retired power plant worker and green homes supporter

and creator of


Hello! My name is Jeff and I welcome you to my website. I have been in the electricity business nearly all my life and I can tell you that utility companies are charging way too much for power. They have been using the recent fuel problems to justify their price increases, but this just isn't fair to people like you and I. You know why? Because power production costs are way under what people believe them to be!

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4x Razor


 The 4x Razor is a simple Foreign Currency trading strategy...

BUY NOW and receive...

·                      FREE EDUCATIONAL E-BOOK!

·                      FREE FOREX WEBINAR SERIES!

·                      FREE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING!

·                      FREE DEMO ACCOUNT!

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Super Affiliate Handbook


This is the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earns $500,000+(*) per year ... selling other people's stuff online!   Super Affiliate HandbookDear Aspiring Netpreneur,

I am appalled by the sheer volume of hype put forth by online scammers who promise to teach you 'how to earn HUGE money online' ...and you should be as well.

They'll try to sell you some expensive 'Internet Mall' or money-making scheme (that stopped working 7 years ago) and that won't help you make 2 red cents, let alone a comfortable living.

The fact is that most of these hucksters' never earned a dime online selling real products - they just promote bogus business opportunities!

If you're tired of the B.S. and want the truth about working as an Affiliate marketer - stick around - this page and the Super Affiliate Handbook's step-by-step business plan could do for you what it has done for thousands of others - change your life for the better!

Setting the Record Straight about Opportunities in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

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Day Job Killer

How a 34 year old from NYC and a whizz-kid from California "swiped" from the super affiliates and "raided" the gurus without anyone even knowing...

Fellow helpless affiliate,

For the last year I have been breaking free from the lies we have both been fed. The lies they will continue to feed you. I have been using the raw information I swiped from industry renegades to teach "grass roots affiliates" the truth about how money is really made on the internet.

I have seen the "make money" industry from both sides of the fence: the "try and fail" affiliates, and the six and seven figure guys lurking in the dark, guys who will probably refuse to talk to me after this release...

And do you know what I have found?

1.    .........

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Money Magnet Mastery

That’s When I Discovered the SECRET…

You know what they say, “When you turn a light on in a dark room it clears everything up .” That’s what happened for me. It was like flipping a switch inside me. I literally went from flat out broke (nearly destitute) to watching success and money pour into my world like a raging waterfall. It was amazing…truly amazing! And once it started there was no stopping.....

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Affiliate Profit Pack

Learn to make money with affiliate marketing.


“You Will Discover The Secrets To Making Thousands Of Dollars Per Month Online And How To Grow Your Own Insane Profit Machine – Even If You’re Totally New To Affiliate Marketing.”


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How to create a web page


"Who Else Wants To Launch
Their First Website TODAY...
...Starting With NO Domain Name, NO Web Host, And
NO Experience...

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Discover Google's Undisclosed Secret, The Free Click Formula, Hidden
Since 1998
(The Birth Of Google) ...
By A 27 Year Old Who Reveals ALL
To The Ordinary!

Finally A Way To Leech Off Google And Snatch Every Possible Cash Paying Customer From Every Corner Of The Web, Even If It's On Yahoo & MSN Or ANY Other Search Engine You Can Think Off ... 

All Done Without Spending a Single Dime!


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From The Desk Of: Kev James
Date: Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hi there, my name’s Kev James, and for the next few minutes I'd like you to stop what you're doing and read on, because I'm about to invite you into my world.. a world that's unbelievably exciting... full of total freedom... and quite possibly the total opposite of everything that you've become accustomed to...

What am I talking about?

Well, about 24 Months Ago I was just like you… slaving away to make a humble wage... a total skeptic and a true "non-believer"... but one day... something happened to me that changed my whole perception of this world that we share… and I will tell you more on that in just a minute…

In all honesty… I shudder to think of where I might have ended up… if I had simply not bothered getting into the car and making that 800 mile trip... Yes, 800 miles!

To think… had I decided not to listen to my instincts at the time... the life I now lead... the life I jump out of bed everyday full of excitement for... would never exist!

The lifestyle, the income, the freedom to come and go and do as I please would still be just a day dream…

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Dear Future Super Affiliate Marketer,

Chances are you've tried to make money as an affiliate and ended up falling flat on your face...

You've probably joined countless numbers of affiliate programs, spent money on advertising , followed the latest "guru's" advice but still haven't made any REAL money.

Every day more and more people become 'trapped' in this vicious circle, while your credit card bills continue to rack up at an alarming rate.

You are not alone!

"Before We Go Any Further I'm Going To Show You CONCRETE Proof Of How My Mysterious Affiliate Formulal Has Provided Me With A Lifestyle Most Can Only Dream Off..."

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>> Internet Multimillionaire is deliberately out to show up Google, Yahoo, MSN and every other big search engine by giving away this monster of a secret! (But he doesn’t even care!)...

"Internet Marketer Gets $87 Million in
Google Pay-Per-Click Ads FREE! ... And
Makes Over $314 Million as a Result! ...
And Now He's Going to Give You This
Same Secret for Next to Nothing!"

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Here's How You Can Make $1 Million Online With

"The Amazing Money-Making Secret of a 28-year-old Convicted Felon Who Earns More Money Per Year Than The CEOs of FedEx... eBay... Time Warner... Apple Computer... McDonalds... Microsoft... Nike... Yahoo... Ford Motor Company... General Motors... and Goodyear COMBINED!

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Secrets Of The Big Dogs

are about to become a
of Internet Marketing!

·         EVEN IF!..... purchased your first computer this morning, and you just found out where the "enter" key is.....

·         EVEN IF!.....’ve been trying to market a business on the net for three or four months and feel like you've been hitting your head against a stone wall.....

·         EVEN IF!..... are a successful Internet marketer who is already making a full-time living on the net, but who wants to DOUBLE his income in HALF the time.....

...IS going to turn
you into a


.....It's being called "the most dangerous book on the Internet!"  For the first time, this exciting new ebook dares to reveal the shocking TRUTH about Internet marketing - the tools, tips, and tricks that the "big boys" use, but aren't telling you about!

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making money online; making money; online opportunity.